Europcar Cancun Airport (Remodel)

Europcar Cancun Airport is a commercial remodel and expansion project with a fresh language and efficiency which takes inspiration from its corporate image.  This project stems from the constant increase of demand on the car rental industry in Cancun. A really dynamic growing city with a booming economy. This project includes the relocation and re-purposing of an existing structure from car wash to car shop, the creation of a Check out, independent from the Check in and integrating a roofed car wash to make the whole delivery / departure car process more efficient, better workflow and boost productivity. We are making this happen through a careful analysis of systems, times and flow.

Construction Surface: 8,665 Sq Ft

Additional Parking: 16,146 Sq Ft


Europcar Cancun Airport (Remodel)


Architecture Commercial Executive Project


August 9, 2017


Europcar Mexico